Short Run for Purchasing

Supply Chain Optimization Means Short Lead Times

At Donnelly, we understand the importance of meeting lead times and excel at responding to the delivery needs of our customers. Driven to meet and improve upon your deadlines, we consistently recommend the right materials and effectively manage short-run production to ensure on-time delivery without added costs.

We also embrace stocking programs to meet your specific inventory and lead time goals. We tailor our systems to your demands and supply chain needs. Agile enough to scale up or taper down, we can accommodate fluctuating levels of demand. Our Min/Max programs ensure we keep pace with your demand, and specific inventory and business requirements.


High inventory turns are a goal for many leading OEMs. Supporting this effort at lower production volumes requires exceptional agility and proven JIT practices. We specialize at smaller, more frequent deliveries at larger-lot pricing, including shipments to 30 states and 15 countries.

At Donnelly, our single point of contact Customer Account Managers work closely with OEM customers to meet their specific inventory demands by designing customized strategic sourcing programs. Sometimes, the solution may involve a stocking program. Other times, it’s about meticulous production planning, timely communications and seamless relationships with our customers.

Lower-volume production at higher-volume pricing – handling flexible production volumes – can only occur when a molder efficiently executes the frequent setups and changeovers associated with short runs. Fluctuation in mixes and production volumes is where we excel.

Proven processes are paramount to ensure each step is executed smoothly every time. Your molder also needs the right practices, equipment and people to manage the high number of molds and materials in play. At Donnelly, we run 3,000+ parts from 2,000+ active molds and over 500 different resins.

Takeover tooling (i.e., transferred from other suppliers) is not a problem for us either. In fact, it’s a specialty. We’ve successfully transferred thousands of molds using our proprietary Manufacturing Launch Process to ensure transferred tools find a safe landing and a successful launch at Donnelly.

When you can’t spread costs out over long runs, you must strive to eliminate all inefficiencies and unnecessary costs from every project.

Lean manufacturing practices – including error-proofing, Kanban/JIT, Training Within Industry (TWI), reusable packaging and more – are indispensable. It’s not enough to talk about these practices or implement them only as needs warrant. To get the best results, at Donnelly, we live Lean and focus on continuous improvement every day.

A missing link can cause unacceptable delays and production interruptions. That’s why collaboration, communication and coordination throughout the supply chain are so important. The result is improved lead times while providing the exact amount of parts desired by our customers.

At Donnelly, we also tailor our systems to our customers’ supply chain processes by utilizing their portals, discrete PO’s, Min/Max inventory stocking programs, MRP inputs and more through our strategic sourcing programs.  In addition, we extend the supply chain for our established partners by increasing the value-added services we can provide.

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