Short Run for Engineering

Dedicated Engineering Expertise for your Short Run Project

Our engineering services team has decades of engineering insight and experience to support your team in launching high-quality products on time. From part design, to project management, to material consultation and more, we provide engineering innovation that enhances design, reduces lead time and lowers costs.

While automation in manufacturing has been driving efficiency for years, incorporating it into short-run injection molding has been largely viewed as infeasible due to frequent changeovers, short-run times and a steep investment in customization. Until now. At Donnelly, our innovative way to incorporate robots and co-bots into our processes is an example of how our creativity allows us to help accomplish your goals in ways others can’t match.


Delays are unacceptable in the launch of new products. Upfront engineering – proactive collaboration among the OEM, molder and material supplier – is essential to ensure your project goes smoothly.

Look to an experienced short-run molder to help you stay on time and on budget by providing expertise in:

  • Material selection
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Mold design and sourcing (both domestic and overseas)

There are many different technologies available to produce prototype parts. Donnelly offers prototypes that are true, functional injection-molded parts.

In new product development, evaluation of product fit and function, as well as lifecycle testing are critical. Donnelly’s ability to produce quick turn, injection-molded prototypes from customer-specified materials supports both requirements. We put our customers in the advantageous position of being able to perform these tasks weeks ahead of schedule.

Project management is a key component of our relationship with our customers. They rely on our team to ensure deadlines are met and communication remains open throughout the project. We partner with leading OEMs and understand that every organization has different project management processes. We manage projects according to your expectations and needs.

Donnelly’s proprietary Manufacturing Launch Process is the framework upon which we successfully manage and launch an average of 150 molds per year. Good people with good processes create great results.

Your molder must be able to help you configure the most efficient and reliable supply chain – and then facilitate timely and accurate execution among supply chain partners.

To succeed in short run, it’s crucial to have an intimate understanding between the molder and OEM of each party’s unique needs, challenges and capabilities.

This requires continuous communication and collaboration including:

  • Assigned project engineers for expertise, consistency and historical knowledge of your products
  • Successful track record of sourcing molds domestically and overseas
  • Value analysis to identify meaningful cost savings, as well as cosmetic and performance enhancements in existing products
  • Knowledge sharing on part design, mold design, material selection and more
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