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When it comes to meeting crucial deadlines in short-run manufacturing, agility is paramount and productivity can’t be overstated. Automation can be implemented to enhance speed, precision and quality across many types of manufacturing. However, the resources required to setup and deploy innovative technologies can make it difficult, expensive and challenging for short-run molding.

To integrate manufacturing automation into the short-run model, Donnelly engineers and technicians developed Universal End of Arm Tooling (EOAT), enabling traditional and collaborative robots (co-bots) to be used interchangeably across operations. The answer was an automated solution that could switch tasks easily and effectively, freeing up employees to perform more complex and value-producing operations.

Meet Baxter

Baxter is a co-bot that loads, unloads, sorts, counts and handles parts. He helps increase speed, precision and output. Baxter began with picking and bulk packing parts to reduce labor costs and improve counting accuracy.

Now, Baxter’s repertoire includes layer packing parts, clipping gates, and other value-add operations. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we continue to explore and expand applications for robots in our facility.

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