Extraordinary People

Today, our 240 employees continue to focus and thrive on short run. At Donnelly, it’s not only about having the capabilities – it’s about having people who can leverage those capabilities to optimize performance.

Every day, we show you how we are:

Competent – Strong experience coupled with ongoing cross-functional training utilizing advanced technologies; effective and well-designed processes; and proven and refined methods.

Confident – Empowered within an agile organization to apply extensive expertise to respond to requirements and achieve positive results for our customers.

Committed – Part of a manufacturing culture that requires and rewards hard-working people who share a “can-do” attitude and a desire to learn, grow and perform.

It Starts with Our Lean Leadership

To succeed in short run there is no room for waste. That’s why we set new standards when it comes to quality and efficiency. We do things right the first time.

Lean is a passion shared across our organization – and with our customers. When you work with us, you tap into a leading resource in a variety of innovative lean methodologies. Whether we’re sharing our insights with your team or participating in a lean improvement event at your facility, our goal is to invest in our customers’ successes.

For companies dissatisfied with traditional training methods, TWI is an effective alternative that goes beyond the classroom to create a lasting Lean culture.

Team members have become certified trainers of Training Within Industry, which focuses on the disciplines of Job Methods, Job Instruction and Job Relations.

Fully integrated into our work environment, the TWI process continues to produce sustainable improvements for us and our customers.

In addition to common mistake-proofing techniques that focus on the design phase and the manufacturing processes, our error-proofing method helps reduce problems by focusing on the people factor.

We break down tasks and identify points where human interaction occurs, designing processes to standardize these activities to create best practices and more repeatable outcomes.

In one instance, rejects related to human error were reduced by 75 percent year-over-year and parts-per-million defects was reduced by two-thirds.

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At Donnelly, we’ve built our business around your specific plastic injection molding needs.


With so many startups and changeovers in short run, there is no margin for error.

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When it comes to meeting crucial deadlines in short-run manufacturing, agility is paramount.

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