Because You Can’t Afford Not To

At Donnelly, we’ve built our business around your specific plastic injection molding needs. We understand the challenges you face regarding pricing, inventory, quality and deadlines. We have created a business model to help you when you need it most.

In our chosen specialty, we know our mutual success rests on performance alone. Here are four reasons to consider Donnelly as the right contract manufacturing partner for YOU:

Short Run Focus

Every day, we work together to deliver better results in a challenging industry. Our team has proven expertise in:

  • Managing more than 2,000 active molds
  • Processing more than 500 different resins
  • Performing more than 12,000 mold changeovers per year

At Donnelly, that’s How Short Run is Done!

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Extraordinary People

We don’t set out to do the ordinary. Our team is:

  • Competent – Experienced and up-to-date with the latest technology and practices
  • Confident – Empowered to use its expertise to achieve great results
  • Committed – Driven to meet goals and maximize productivity

Find out what our extraordinary team can do for you.
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Powerful Processes

Since 1984, we have developed ways to handle the complexities of short run.

  • Continuous refinement of numerous Lean manufacturing processes
  • Close collaboration between your team and ours
  • A company-wide dedication to eliminating waste and inefficiency

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we have the short run expertise to ensure that we deliver.
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Unmatched Innovation

Integrating automation into short-run injection molding can be problematic – but that didn’t stop our engineers, who:

  • Engineered solutions – including Universal End of Arm Tooling – to create efficiencies
  • Allowed robots and co-bots to be used interchangeably across operations
  • Increased speed, precision, and accuracy

Working with automation and technology allows our team to pass along innovation to our customers.
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See if we’re the right manufacturing partner for your specific needs.