Injection Molding

We’ve built our business on being a superior short-run molder of close-tolerance thermoplastic parts.

Donnelly offers proven success in specialties including:

– Insert molding
– Over-molded parts for rigid interiors with soft-touch exteriors
– Scientific molding
– Error proofing
– Process Monitoring with auto-diverting conveyors and robots
– Comprehensive ISO Certified Quality Management System

With 36 injection molding machines ranging from 20 to 720 tons, we produce a wide variety of part sizes from less than 1 gram to over 6 pounds out of a broad array of materials.

With over 500 materials processed, Donnelly has the expertise to help you determine the optimal material for your part. We manage our material with trained material handlers and a state-of-the-art central material handling system for maximum speed, precision and quality.

Our objective is to minimize cost and impact to the environment. Those are the drivers behind our equipment maintenance program, motivating us to regularly upgrade and replace presses and other machines to ensure we’re always using efficient, capable and reliable equipment.

Today, more than 80 percent of our presses are all-electric, and we’ve upgraded to closed-loop cooling technologies that use 98 percent less water than traditional industrial water chillers and cooling systems. Additionally, our Manufacturing War Room – one of our many powerful processes – serves as an ongoing effort to elevate service, improve productivity and reduce waste.

Engineering And Tooling
Engineering & Tooling
Value-Added Secondary Operations
Value-Added Secondary Operations