Engineering & Tooling

Proactive collaboration with our engineering team ensures you get the best parts at the lowest total cost.

From the start of your project, you can access expertise in material selection, design for manufacturability, tooling design, tool sourcing and processing that helps you:

– Create the product your customers want
– Offer it at the right costs
– Bring it to market on time

In short run, you need a partner who’s proven to handle the number and complexity of tools involved. Count on Donnelly’s experienced engineering team for a range of tooling-related services, including:

  • Tool design for repeatable, reliable and cost-effective part production
  • 25+ year track record of successfully sourcing offshore tooling
  • Dedicated project management to ensure timelines and deliverables are achieved
  • A proprietary Manufacturing Launch Process to ensure nothing is left to chance or overlooked
  • Material selection to meet functionality and performance requirements as well as visual (i.e. cosmetic) appearance criteria
  • Part design for cost-effective manufacturability
  • Prototyping and mold flow simulation capabilities
  • Complete project management from customer order through part approval
  • Ongoing value analysis efforts with our customers to identify meaningful cost savings and performance enhancement opportunities in existing product lines
Injection Molding
Injection Molding
Value-Added Secondary Operations
Value-Added Secondary Operations