Short-run, close-tolerance manufacturing
is overlooked by many molders, who typically seek less challenging long-run jobs. But in 1984, Stan Donnelly looked at this niche and saw a crucial market need.

Ever since, our company has been providing exacting customers with the expertise, processes and speed it takes to deliver on short-run needs. Today, our 225 employees continue to focus and thrive on short run. We seek out this business, focusing on building enduring relationships with leading OEM customers who have a need for a multitude of short-run parts.

At our ISO 13485 and ISO 9001:2008 certified headquarters in Alexandria, Minn., our capabilities put all the pieces together for success in short run. We manage 2,800 active molds, over 600 different materials and 15,000 mold changeovers every year. Can your molder ably and effectively handle these short-run challenges?

Meanwhile, because precision and efficiency are paramount in the business of manufacturing, we wage a relentless war on waste – backed by advanced technologies, innovative processes and the tireless commitment of our whole team.

After all, in our chosen specialty, we know our security and success rest on performance alone. Every day, we work together to deliver better results in a challenging industry. At Donnelly, that’s How Short Run Is Done.

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