Donnelly Expands Manufacturing Footprint and Capacity with New Large-Ton Presses

Donnelly Grows Manufacturing Footprint, Capacity with New Large-Ton Presses

Alexandria, MN (Feb. 11, 2014) –Donnelly Custom Manufacturing is expanding its manufacturing footprint to accommodate the addition of new, larger-tonnage injection molding presses as well as a new inventory and warehousing location.

The upgrades are designed to address a growing need with new and existing customers for larger-tonnage molding and provide a broader range of flexibility. The company also added a new central material drying and handling system, continuing to invest in its production efficiency.

“These investments help us build on a longtime initiative aimed at exceeding our customers’ expectations with expanded capabilities in large-tonnage molding,” said Donnelly President Ron Kirscht. “Customers will certainly notice the impact of these upgrades in our operations, from enhanced molding capacity to our lead-times and service.”

Greater Process Control, Energy Savings and Order Fulfillment

Most recently, Donnelly expanded its press fleet to 34 machines with the addition of a 2014 720-ton Toshiba 104 oz. press. The machine is supported by a 10-ton bridge crane system for mold changeovers, and also features a Star 1400 Servo robot.

Additionally, with another investment in new equipment and supporting infrastructure changes, the company replaced a 1995 320-ton Mitsubishi hydraulic press with a 2013 310-ton Toshiba electric 19.1 oz. barrel press. Donnelly also replaced a 1994 120-ton Mitsubishi hydraulic press with a 2013 140-ton Toshiba electric 5.3 oz. barrel press.

With the upgrades, more than 85 percent of the company’s fleet of injection molding machinery is now high-efficiency all-electric. The upgrade to all-electric is an ongoing effort at Donnelly, a testament to the technology’s repeatability, reliability and energy savings. As a result, the company has cut down on scrap and energy consumption as servo-driven electric presses save an estimated 20 percent over the cost of running traditional hydraulic machines.

Donnelly also has added a new, dedicated site for shipping and warehousing. In turn, the extra space and capacity will be used to expand manufacturing processes and deliver on faster, more responsive order fulfillment.

Reduced Downtime and Improved Turnaround Flexibility

Separately, the company also installed a new high efficiency Novatec central drying system with one, 800-CFM central dryer and multiple hoppers to support its large-tonnage presses. The enhanced technology will offer faster drying times, allowing more flexibility to meet customer demands and save on labor and energy while reducing downtime.

Based in Alexandria, Minn., Donnelly’s 230 employees are dedicated to setting the standards in the custom injection-molding marketplace for “How Short Run Is Done.” The company’s focus is on providing its OEM customers with value added engineering and highly customized manufacturing and customer support services. A strong customer service orientation ensures outstanding customer satisfaction.