Donnelly’s Wagner to Share Expertise at National Training Within Industry (TWI) Summit

Alexandria, MN (May 8, 2012) – Sam Wagner, Director of Advanced Manufacturing at Donnelly, will share some of his Lean manufacturing expertise at the annual Training Within Industry (TWI) Summit held May 15-16 in Orlando, Fla.

TWI is a segment of Lean manufacturing that supplies management with the critical leadership and analytical skills to help create a culture of sustainable, daily continuous improvement.. This approach has proven to be highly effective in producing improvements in safety, quality, cost, delivery and productivity.

Wagner is recognized as an expert in Lean techniques, speaking and writing frequently on TWI, mistake proofing and other practices. His knowledge has been valuable in establishing Donnelly, which specializes in short-run molding, as one of the Lean practice leaders in the manufacturing industry. The company first embraced TWI in 2005 and noticed immediate improvements across its culture. At the TWI Summit, Wagner will lead a breakout session titled “Role of the Champion for Improvement,” focusing on the need to have a particular employee to step up and play the role of the champion to sustain the gains of TWI.

“Done right, TWI has the potential to dramatically reduce training time while improving productivity and job satisfaction,” said Wagner. “As part of the TWI Summit, I’m excited to share what we’ve learned in implementing this simple yet powerful method. In addition, I look forward to learning from the other industry experts at the Summit.”

Wagner will also serve on the Adventure with TWI Leaders panel for the “Lessons in TWI leadership” session. In this session, participants will gain an inside perspective of how Donnelly leadership first embraced the resurgence of TWI in manufacturing and the resulting successes this path has created.

Based in Alexandria, Minn., Donnelly’s 220 employees are dedicated to setting the standards in the custom injection-molding marketplace for “How Short Run Is Done.” The company’s focus is on providing its OEM customers with value added engineering and highly customized manufacturing and customer support services. A strong customer service orientation ensures outstanding customer satisfaction.