Donnelly Custom Manufacturing Expands In-House Capabilities

Alexandria, MN (June 21, 2011) – Donnelly Custom Manufacturing has added a Super Mold Maker 2500i Vertical CNC (computer numerical control) milling machine to enhance internal molding and tooling engineering support. The machine has dramatically reduced lead times on work that no longer needs to be subcontracted – an important improvement in supporting Donnelly’s focus on short-run molding.

Complementing the recent purchase of an LDI Laser Inspection Scanner as well as their Solid Works and SolidCam Cad/Cam software, the new CNC machine has a 25,000-rpm liquid cooled spindle for high speed and hard milling capabilities. It features a ballscrew core and saddle cooling for thermal stability on molding components weighing up to 1,750 lbs. In addition, the machine is capable of high accuracy finishes and has a laser toolsetter.

The Super Mold Maker 2500i is an expensive machine Donnelly sees the addition as a key asset for molding support – which translates into better performance and customer service. Employees have found the machine’s probe and laser tool setter beneficial for fast, accurate setups. Before, these actions were performed manually on other CNC machines or externally at Tool Shops.

Kirscht recently earned certification as a discussion leader at the Anderson Center, which provides management and business development services to the Greater Minnesota area with the ultimate goal of facilitating growth and economic prosperity.

Having the new capabilities in-house has allowed for more control of scheduling and has cut lead times by anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks on some tooling projects. The machine has saved Donnelly and its customers a significant amount of time when getting tool revisions, refurbishments or repairs done.

Based in Alexandria, Minn., Donnelly’s 220 employees are dedicated to setting the standards in the custom injection-molding marketplace for “How Short Run Is Done.” The company’s focus is on providing its OEM customers with value added engineering and highly customized manufacturing and customer support services. A strong customer service orientation ensures outstanding customer satisfaction.